1. Do you have the qualities of an entrepreneur?

1. It is more important to live in peace than to constantly seek and pursue new goals.

2. I would like to be my own boss.
3. I am a person who gets irritated quickly.
4. I always treat a person who is my supervisor or has authority over me with caution and respect.
5. When I talk to my superiors, I feel relaxed and confident.
6. I am often worried about little things.
7. I prefer to work with a person who is difficult and knowledgeable about the issue, rather than a consensual and not very competent person.
8. Do you tend to be pessimistic and overly cautious in difficult situations?
9. Do you feel comfortable in a company where everyone is making jokes about each other?
10. Would you mind going to an unattractive part of the country, if it was a form of promotion?
11. Can you do monotonous and repetitive work without getting tired?
12. Could you have achieved more if your efforts were appreciated more?
13. Are you annoyed by waste (light turned on when it’s not necessary, food thrown away)?
14. Can you feel completely relaxed when going on holiday?
15. There are too many rules and regulations these days.
16. I tried to work hard to be among the best in my field.
17. I get nervous when my watch is not working properly.
18. I tolerate the views completely different from my own and respect the opinion of other people
19. I limit my social life or recreation in order to work more efficiently.
20. You are hesitant to treating people impolitely who might be of use to your career someday.
21. It is important to be more successful than the opposite gender.
22. I am angry when people are not punctual.
23. It is more important for me to be myself than to correct - improve myself.
24. I like to cheer myself up with alcohol.
25. I feel bad and anxious when I feel like I am wasting my time.
26. I like gambling games.
27. I like to make changes and improvements to the company and the way it works.
28. I hardly forget about my job after finishing it.
29. Are you annoyed by inefficiency?
30. Do you get annoyed when your supervisor tells you what to do?
31. Do you like to make fun of others?
32. Are you suffering from insomnia?
33. Does it annoy you when your supervisor corrects you on your job?
34. I can forgive my friend for their lack of knowledge and skills, as long as they are nice to me.
35. Anyone who marries primarily for financial reasons is stupid.
36. I rarely feel satisfied after doing a good job because I always could have done it better.